Peace in all of its forms, be it peace of mind, peace of home or peace at work, all are essential to a thriving life. However, we live in a world that works to pull us away from that peace at every turn; entropy is attempting to pull us down. Newton’s second law states that an object in motion will stay in motion, until a greater force acts upon it. A body in chaos will continue to move in chaos until a greater force of peace stops it.

To overcome the natural chaos of the everyday world, we have to make a peaceful energetic signature an active and high priority idea that we fight for every day.

Learning how to prioritize and gift ourselves happiness is an essential key to a fulfilled and peaceful life. Giving ourselves the gift of living a peaceful happy life is aligning ourselves with divine love.

When we begin to radiate and vibrate at a peaceful frequency, we unconsciously open our hearts to accept blessings into our life and ward off negative energetic signatures.

Not everyone will accept  and respect your decision to live in peace, therefore you will have to establish boundaries and be uncompromising in insisting on them being respected. This is a process of small choices which build up to the confidence to rest assured in your boundaries and your blessings; to come to learn and understand that closing the wrong doors are positive feedback you send to the universe that you are ready for even more boundless abundance.

Our families, friends and acquaintances won’t always hear us when we tell them what is happening with us. But they will be able to feel the difference in your presence and output.

After all, most people are living in a constant state of appeasing their needs and desires. We need to prepare ourself to lose some people in our lives, let them go. This may be quiet or boisterous.